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Script for My name is Alex Kay

Characters: Alex Kay, Sister, Grandmother, Witch.

Narrator (Female voice): Have you ever seen the picture of the young lady and the old witch?... Once you see both, you can decide which one you want to see. But some people can’t choose what they want to see. They don’t have a choice… Some people only see the old witch.

Alex: People like me right sis?

Narrator: That’s right.

<Basement Scene>

Alex(narration): My name is Alex Kay and a few weeks ago, my sister disappeared. The police have decided that the evidence leads to a runaway. I’m not so convinced. Something else has taken her place

<Enter grandmother>

Alex: grams, I’m not obsessed. I just don’t think she ran-

Grandmother: Eat up

Alex: Grams

Alex(narration): She hasn’t been the since the disappearance. What am I gonna do with a bowl of plain white rice? There’s a myth that supposedly a witch lives around this area. I had a dream about this place the night before she disappeared. It’s the only lead I have.

<Flashback Scene>

<Enter Sister, Alex>

Sister: C’mon Alex

Alex: I can’t remember…. (after flashbacks) There was a witch

<Stairs Scene>

Alex: There’s no time to waste.

<room Scene>

Alex: Awww crap:

<woods Scene>

<Enter Alex, Witch>

Witch: (laughing) Trespassing again are we…

Alex: What did you do with my sister.

Witch: Begone child.

Alex: I’m not leaving until you give me back my sister!

Witch: Foolish boy. Shame I can’t kill you again. Stop coming here

<Flashback Scene>

<Enter Sister, Alex>

Witch I’m going to kill you little girl.

Alex: No please! Take me instead!

Witch: Fine. You’ll do

<Ending Scene>

<Enter Sister, Alex>

Alex: My name is Alex Kay… and a few weeks ago… I disappeared.

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