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McLaren Senna

In this movie, I describe in detail the specs, history, and magnificence of the McLaren Senna by McLaren Automotive. I did this for my project because when I first found out about it, I was hooked on the design and runnings of this brand-new, limited edition sports car. I wanted to help give everyone the same idea of what a beauty the car is.

Select 6 stills from your video and put them here; Pick ones that tell the story you want to tell in your video.

Pcardenas Mclaren1.png Pcardenas Mclaren2.png Pcardenas Mclaren3.png Pcardenas Mclaren4.png Pcardenas Mclaren5.png Pcardenas Mclaren6.png

Capture a still from the video and use that as an image to show the representative size of your video. Post the video and the statistics below.

Frame Size |

File size |

Snapshot from Video |

The download


111.4 MB

Pcardenas MclarenSennaFirst.png

To view:

The music I used in this video: Secession Studios - Becoming Human

Now for the technical stuff:
Time markers:
My voice-over starts at time: 0:07
1st transition begins at time: 0:13
2nd transition begins at time: 1:00
Title sequence begins at time: 0:03
Credit sequence begins at time: 3:03
1st still image is at time: 0:20
2nd still image is at time: 0:28

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