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Accounting/finance software helps the user organize their money and plan out their budget. This software helps individuals or corporations manage their finances, business ledgers, and other accounting needs.



Personal accounting/finance software is used to help people manage their money in an organized fashion. These softwares will display your transactions in charts and diagrams to help show what you are spending your money on. Other features include money management tasks and how to budget advice. Personal accounting/finance software is great for managing money for a family or on a tight budget.

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Monthly Rate: Starter $40, Deluxe $75, Premier $110, Home & Business $120

Quicken Bill Pay: $9.50 a month

  • Safely imports all transaction receipts
  • Helps user stay on top of spending by categorizing transactions
  • Helps user come up with a realistic budget
  • User can see their investments in the market
  • User's financial information is secure
    • Imported directly from user's bank

You Need A Budget

Free 34 day trial

$4.17 a month, billed annually at $50

  • Top personal Budget software in 2017
  • Easily connect all bank accounts in one place
  • Can sync finances with other devices to stop a partner from overspending
  • Allows user to set goals
  • Gives the user warnings to help get out of (and keep them out of) debt
  • Fun, colorful graphs and charts



  • Helps user manage personal accounting
  • Powerful filtering tools and beautiful charts help the user analyze their personal finance and budget
  • Available on most common devices
  • Automatic pay and cheque numbering
  • Month/annual budget
  • Schedule transactions


Business accounting/finance software has features that will help make running a business easier on the user, and it will keep the user's money well organized. Some of these features include automated entries, invoicing, bill payment, expense reports, financial reports and reconciliation.


Sage Intacct

Free 30 day trial

  • Leading provider of cloud financials applications
  • Gives user a streamlined quote-to-cash process that bridges sales and finance
    • Eliminates manual data re-entry
  • Automated procure-to-pay
    • Reduce errors and processing costs
  • Gives real-time financial and operational insights
  • Gives the ability to automate critical processes

Zoho Books

Monthly prices: Basic $9, Standard $19, Professional $29

Annual Prices: Basic $90, Standard $190, Professional $290

  • Best micro business accounting software of 2017
  • Online accounting software
  • Connects to the users bank account for real-time update on cash flow
  • Sends professional invoices to clients and helps the user start accepting online payments
  • Monitor bank accounts
  • Helps user make more informed decisions to stay on top of their business

Bench Bookkeeping

Monthly Prices: Micro $135, Boutique $185, Venture $250, Corporate $345, Enterprise $470

  • Online bookkeeping service
  • Works directly with user's CPA to make sure tax season goes smoothly
  • Ensure accuracy for user's books
  • Gives user a bookkeeping team that is ready to chat at any time
  • Gives third parties access by allowing multiple logins
    • Allows user to bring employees and partners into the loop

Typical Acquisition Models

A typical acquisition model is the typical way to get the software the user needs. The typical acquisition model for a personal accounting/financing model is downloading it online for anything ranging from $15 to $30. For a business accounting/financing model, the user would download the software for anything ranging from $50 all the way up to $300. The personal accounting/financing software tends to be priced lower than the business accounting/financing software.


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