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Homoptera 34.jpg

Order: Hemiptera

Family: Aleyrodidae "Whiteflies"

Date of Collection: August 23, 2018

Location: Little Mulberry Park Upstream at 34.0518° N, -83.8878° W

Most Abundant at Little Mulberry Park Upstream

Rank Abundance: 1

Shannon- Weiner Biodiversity Index (H')= 3.166793419

Distinguishing Morphological Features:

-Small insects, most species with a wingspan of less than 3 mm and a body length of 1 mm to 2mm.

-Well-developed antennae, which in most species in this family are seven-segmented.

-The tarsi have two segments of roughly equal length.

Ecological and Economic / Public Importance:

-They secrete large amounts of honeydew that support unsightly or harmful infestations of sooty mold.

-They inject saliva that may harm the plant more than either the mechanical damage of feeding or the growth of the fungi.

-Whiteflies feed by tapping into the phloem of plants, introducing toxic saliva and decreasing the plants' overall turgor pressure. Since whiteflies congregate in large numbers, susceptible plants can be quickly overwhelmed.

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