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Project 3 Part 1

Image 1 description


Project 3 Part 2

Image 2 description


Image 3 description


Image 4 description


Project 3 Part 3

This is my Blender created animation. I uploaded a .jpg image of a starry background and applied it to the object plane. In the background of the image are two objects, a red sphere and a turquoise cylinder. During the animation, these two objects will increase in size over a five second time frame. In the foreground of the animation, I created a rotating purple cube. On this rotating cube are two attached objects, a light blue cone, and a lime green cylinder. During the animation, the cube will rotate but the cone and cylinder will stay in place. I also created movement between these objects by translating the cube with the attached cone and cylinder across the screen. Lastly, I attached a spotlight to the cone for a source of light for the animation. The animation is five seconds in length and 125 fames in length.

I then rendered this animation to play in quicktime and uploaded it to the wiki site. 

This is the smaller (200 by 150) animation


Click to download this smaller version

This is the larger (400 by 300) animation


Click to download this larger version

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