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Traveling is my most hobby. Since the day I was in High School I used to take short and long trips with my classmates to their hometown.That was not only for visiting their family, but it also a time for me to learn from other people in different area Here are some of my pictures where I have been


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Sea Lion

Why I would like to go back to California? California which is as same as my home country. It has a nice climate and everything gather at the west coast. It has beaches, mountains, desert and also farms. It even has a snow mountain for skiing and tons of rivers for rowing . It can be named Heaven and the land of opportunity. For me it is not just that. California is the place which is the first State "welcome" me when I came to the United State. Most of my friends, my schoolmates, and my professor who I love, they are living in California - San Francisco. Talking of San Francisco that would be for days; the city with the coolest time in Summer and in a day the the temperature can change in four seasons climate. in addition, if you like a sea Lion, you can also see them live in wildlife right in San Francisco City.

I Left My Heart In San Francisco, by Julie Londonl

San Francisco, CA

at Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA

Universal Hollywood and Disney Land California

Anh in June, 2012

New York City, New York State, 2011

Liberty Statue, NY, 2010

New Orleans, Louisiana

Harvey, Lousiana, Jun 2012


  • Nha Trang Bay
Ferries Water Fall, 2007
  • Home Sweet Home and CuChi Tunnel
Home Front yard landscape
Small garden in Living room

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