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Anh D At the couch



Anh D Le, he came from Vietnam; and his mother language is Vietnamese. He grew up in South of Vietnam, where is called the Pearl of the Far East (Sai Gon). His hometown is small village of Cu Chi District, in the South West of Ho Chi Minh City (AKA Saigon). It is a peace town where people can hear the birds sing all day and the roosters’ crow in the morning. Currently Cu Chi is home to many industrial parks; and the most foreign visitors come here to visit the famous Cu Chi Tunnels, which were constructed during the Vietnam/American war.

Anh D and His Family

Anh D and Family

He is the youngest in the eight member’s family. His parents, three older sisters and one older brother, they are still in Vietnam. His Parents were born in farmer families and their lives connecting to the farm. They lived in the War time and to the peace time after the war; therefore they have faced too many changing of the town. Like a Mother in the world, his Mom is the best one and easy to talk with. She is sacrificing all her life and her age for her children. His father was a truck driver; he was rarely home and until he was 17, his father changed his job and worked at home. Growing up in a small town and kind of poor family, his sister and brother did not have chance to go to college. Some of them were married after graduation high school and some others have gone to work for living. His family is bigger in this year when one of his nieces who gets married.

Anh D's Interesting

Although he is working and studying full time; he still has interesting in gardening, travelling, and cooking.


Gardening is his most interesting. He says that it is important thing to get him close to nature, and the nature world. Garden also helps him in counter-balance the negative aspect of stress.


Cooking is another thing He loves to do when he has spare time. There is someone saying that the shortest way to get other heart is people's stomach; it means if someone is a good cooker, his lover will always love him. His cooked are almost Vietnamese foods. There are more than 300 different Vietnamese cuisines. However, the popular food of Vietnamese family is caramelized fish sauce in clay pot, and Sweet and sour fish/shrimp soup; and for foreigner, the popular Vietnamese foods are spring roll, eggroll and Pho (Beef/Chicken noodle)

More information about Vietnamese foods click here: Vietnamese Cuisine


There is no doubt to say that "Going out one day, learning a year." He loves to travel because he says that he can learn about new thing from the trips; not only studying from the culture but he also learns from the people where he has been. Every year, he tries to spend least ten days for the traveling; sometimes he takes the trip with his friends, or his family, or just himself.

Anh D's Travel Page

Anh D's Favorite Foods

Anh D's Favorite Foods Page

His favorite foods are Asian foods, especially Vietnamese foods. He prefers Vietnamese foods because of their great state and it is one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, the deliciously fresh and fiery flavors of traditional Vietnamese foods are truly hard to resist. Every dish which has the balance of vitamin and fiber that relies on fresh fish, vegetables, rice and a whole host of verdant herbs and spices; and it is cooked with less oil/fat. From the appetizer to main dishes, Viet’s foods always base on “a combination of five fundamental taste elements,” saltiness, sweetness, sourness, spiciness, and bitterness. Lemongrass, ginger, basil and lime all play an important part in Vietnamese foods. Especially, Fish sauce is also the commonly used in Vietnamese cooking; it is made from fermented raw fish and serves with most of the Vietnamese dishes. Among of varieties of Viet foods, my favorite foods are Spring roll (Appetizer), Catfish sauce in a clay pot, Sour soup with snakehead fish (Main dishes), and Vietnamese style Flan and yogurt (Desert)

Anh D's Future Plan

He tries to get in nursing program in next year and if everything work out he will finish school in 3 years; then he can start to work in the field he loves, as a nurse.

Songs about Vietnam


“Bonjour VietNam” (Aka Hello Vietnam) by the Vietnamese-Belgian singer, Pham Quynh Anh, first appeared online in 2008 and had since then captured the hearts of Vietnamese audiences worldwide with its meaningful lyrics and beautiful melody; it then translate to English version. Though the “1-hit to stardom” singer has only heard stories about Vietnam through her parents and..”films by Coppola”, such tragedies have apparently left a strong impact on her. And despite so many unpleasant stories of “bombs and bullets”, just like the lyrics she sang “One day I’ll come to you…To say hello… Vietnam” … Quynh would love to visit the motherland.

Hello! Vietnam, by Quynh Anh Pham


Vietnam, My Country, by Quang Linh

Projects for ITEC2110

Anh D's Favorite Friends

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Otis and his Friends

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