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Application and System Software

I. The nuts and Bolts of Software

A. What is software?

a) Software refers to a set of instructions that tells the computer what to do.
b) An instruction set, also called a program, provides a means for us to interact with and use the computer.

B. Application Sofware

a) Software you use to do tasks at home, school, and work
1) Writing letters, sending emails, paying taxes, creating presentations, editing photos, and taking online courses

C. System Software

a) Helps run the computer and coordinate instructions between application software and the computer’s hardware devices
1) Windows and Mac OS X

II. Productivity Software for Home and Office

A. Productivity Software

a)Includes programs that enable you to perform various tasks required at home, school, and business.
1) Includes word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, data-base, and personal information manager programs.

B. Word processing software

a) What is the best software to use to create general docurments?
1) Most students use word processing software to create and edit documents such as research papers, letters, and resumes
b) Are there free or more affordable alternatives?
1) Consider downloading free open source software.
i.) Program code that is publicly avaible and has few restrictions.
ii.) Unlike proprietary software, which is neither free nor open source
c) How do I control the way my documents look?
1) An advantage of word processing software is that you can easily format, or change the appearance of, your document.
i.) Extensive formatting options let you change fonts, font styles, and sizes; add colors; adjust margins; add borders; insert bulleted and numbered list; and organize your text into columns.
d) What special tools do word processing programs have?
1) Besides the basic spell check or search-and-replace there is a translation tool or automatically correct your spelling as you type.
2) Also can automatically summarize key points in a text document, add bibliographical references, and include illustrations with different picture styles.

C. Spreadsheet Software

a) Why would I need to use spreadsheet software?
1) Spreadsheet software enables you to do calculations and numerical analyses easily.
2) You can use spreadsheet software to track expenses and create a simple budget.
b) How do I use spreedsheet software?
1) The basic element in a spreadsheet program is the worksheet, which is a grid consisting of clumns and rows.
2) The column and row form individual boxes called a cell.
3) You can enter several types of of data into a cell
i.) Text: any combination of letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces
ii.) Values: Numerical data that represent a quantity or an amount and are often the basis for calculations
iii.) Formulas: Equations that you build yourself using math functions as well as values and cell references.
iiii.) Functions: Formulas that are preprogrammed into the spreadsheet software
4) Primary benefit of spreadsheet software is its ability to recalculate all functions and formulas in the spreadsheet automatically when values for some of the inputs change.
c) What kinds of graphs and charts can I create with spreadsheet software?
1) Most spreadsheet applications allow you to create a variety of charts, including basic column charts, pie charts, and line charts, with or without 3D effects.
2) In addition you can use stock charts and scatter charts or create custom charts.
d) Are spreadsheets used for anything besides financial analysis?

Presentation Software

a) What software do I use to create presentations?
1) Microsoft PowerPoint, Impress, or Zoho Show
i.) These applications are simple to use and can produce high-quality presentations without a lot of training.
b) How do I create a presentation?
1) Using the basic features included in presentation software, creating a slide show is simple.
i.) To arrange test and graphics on your slide, you can choose a variety of layouts.
ii.) You can choose a theme for your presentation from different design templates.
iii.) You can use animation effects to control how and when text and other objects enter and exit each slide.


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