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Class: Insecta

Collectors: Mariam Sissoho, Steven Nanez, Ariel Nunez

Collection Method: Malaise trap

Location of collection: :Latitude: 33 degrees 58' 41.90"N, Longitude; 84 degree 1' 9.13"W

Date of collection: September 5-7, 2017

H' value: 2.5922

Hymenoptera 2017.PNG

Morphological features of Order:

  • When present, 4 membranous forward wings larger than hind wings
  • Eyes usually large
  • Two antennae, fairly long
  • Mouth parts built for chewing, well developed mandibles, sometimes long sucking tongue present
  • Wasp like body shape with hooks present on anterior margin of hind wings

Ecological Importance:

  • Hymenoptera is the third largest order and perhaps the most beneficial to humans. Examples of common Hymenopteran insects are ants, bees, sawflies and wasps. Hymenopterans are responsible for a vast amount of pollination in flowering plants.

Economic/agricultural/human health importance: Hymenopterans have been valued since pre-Christianity times in Europe. The Honeybees' honey and bees wax has been traded and consumed for cosmetic use and various ways of food consumption.]]

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