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On June 22, 1992 a star was born by the name of AshleyMorgan Camielle Fields. I am Jamaican and Chinese. I was raised in Paterson NJ but I have had my share of living in Port ST Lucie,Fl and Atlanta,Ga. I currently reside in Atlanta, GA and been here about 3 years. I attend Georgia Gwinnett college as a business major and will be transferring to GSU for the fall 2013 to further my education in the business field and to become an Alpha Delta Pi. I love to travel. I own a Fluffy Gyal Catering Company and an online jewelry boutique Name Fluffy Gyal accessories. I am only 20 years old and well established. I am a YouTube motivator for Plus size women around the world. I teach self love and confidence because without confidence you have nothing =)


My Goal is have the top of the line banquet hall. With the success I get from that my Main goal is to be able to own a chain of Non profit rehab shelters for those who are homeless and want to get back on their feet. At anytime in my life I could become homeless and as a citizen and human being it is my duty to help those in need. I also Want to have a chain of gyms catered to young children and plus size adults.





•Money =)

•Black and White movies


•African american and Jamaican History


•Music( Hip hop, R&B, Reggae, Azonto, Etc..)


•Men =)

•Anything new and fun


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