BIOL1101 Section 1 and 19 How-to guides

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How to decide if this wiki is the right tool for you to use - this wiki is great for many purposes, but not all. Read this guide to see if this wiki is really the right tool to use to solve your problem.

How to make a new wiki page - there are two ways to make a new wiki page. One way is to make a link then click on it. for example, on any existing wiki page, put in the text [[NewPage]], save (or preview) it. Click on the link and start making the new page. You can of course change NewPage to be the name of the page you want to create. Another really simple way to make a page is to simply edit the address bar in your web browser. Type in and you can start creating the new page (of course change NewPage to the name of the page you want to create.)

How to change your skin - different skins give options in different places. Many users of this wiki find the Cologne Blue skin to be much easier to use than the default skin. Follow the instruction on this how-to guide for setting up your skin to use Cologne Blue by default. You only need to do this once.

How to edit a wiki page - is there a mistake somewhere, could a resource be better? As a member of the wiki, it's your responsibility to make the necessary changes. This page gets you started on learning how to make edits.

How to make a PDF document - PDF documents display and print much more reliably than word documents. This PDF shows you how you can make your own PDF using free software and online tools.

How to post screenshots - this shows how to take a screenshot, crop it, and post it to the wiki.

how to make a wiki tutorial - How to put a tutorial from Word onto a Wiki.

Biology Specific How-To Guides

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