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Hi, Welcome to Tristian "june" Wiki Page.

Hi welcome to my Wiki Page, I hope you enjoy your stay and find everything well.


My names Tristian "June" beard, I'm a student at GGC Georgia Gwinnett College. I'm a Double Major studying Biochemistry and Computer Science. I currently am a night manager at and head baker at a Dunkin Donuts and i guess you could call it a custom PC builder in a company i run with my brother. I play alot of video games and run a couple support blogs here and their. i also run about 9 forums on osu! Enjoy your stay on my page.

Early life

Frankfurt, Germany
I was born in Frankfurt, Germany, May,17,1996 and lived there until I was 12 years of age. I then moved to the United States, More specifically Georgia. I lived in Atlanta for numerous years and moved to Lawrenceville for High School. I graduated Peachtree Ridge High School in 2015 with a STEM diploma. I then spent a year off before i decided to go to college. I honestly had no clue what i was going to do in my free time but decided to start a small company with my brother, more or so i own about 45% majority of the company. My brother is a system analysts with a degree in computer engineering so we decided to open a software development project along with a service of constructing custom personal computers to custom smartphones.

Recent History

Recently I've grown fond of building and learning Programming. Which has landed me a part time job building computers with my brother who is a system analyst at a Aerodynamics Facility. I also have been working at Wendy's for about two months now and it is not a job i am most likely to keep, Don't eat are food, just saying. I also have been spending a lot of time running lately. i use to have really bad asthma but as i've grown older it seems its gone into a sort of remission. I never really got to enjoy sports growing up as much as i wanted to because of this, so i'm taking advantage of it. I currently learning volleyball which has always been a sport that i've loved. I use to do MMA and Wrestling so team sports are a little new to me, but i'm enjoying it alot. Since i last updated my Wiki i have taken up the hobby of Baking and currently do so at a dunkin donuts.


Chill Corgi

My interests are Computer Building. I also spend a lot of time playing Rhythm Games such as OSU,DDR,GH, and Taiko. I usually however spend most of my time working. I also play guitar and piano, so music in general is a big interest of mine. I originally planned on going to college for music, but that doesn't entirely pay for everything say for maybe a huge amount of debt. I also really enjoy politics, i know that's a boring thing to say but certain subjects i can relate with make me want to become more informed so i don't seem well, stupid when i talk.

  • Computer Design
  • Music
  • Rhythm Games | this is meh
  • Politics
  • Science
  • Baking
  • Video games

Future Plans

I plan on continuing my studies in Biochemistry, Hopefully accomplishing a Masters in Biochemistry, and attending Mercer Pharmacy School for a M.D. in Nuclear Pharmaceutical Sciences. I also plan on getting a Bachelors or Associates degree in Computer Science. I hope to one day develop a medication that reduces the need for nuclear applications in the field of pharmaceuticals and at the same time if needed reduce the cost of said medication drastically.
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