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In Brownsville, Texas on January 3rd, 2019


About Me

Hello! My name is Starr Benitez and I am 19 years old. I was born in Lawrenceville, Ga on December 2nd in 1999. I have 3 siblings whose names are Galaxy, Skyler, and Luna. If you're wondering, yes those are our real names. I don't know why some people think they're our nicknames. My sister Galaxy is just 11 months apart from me, so we sort of look like twins. It's fun having a sibling that is just about my age because I get to go into her closet and steal most of her clothes. Easier for me so I don't have to spend my money buying new things. Funny right. My brother Skyler is 13 years old and my sister Luna is the youngest being 11. We also have a dog named Princess, our dog is so small, but she is extremely feisty. She will bark at anyone, but we love her a lot. She's our small protector.

It's easy for me to get to school because I live really close. I live around 10 minutes away from GGC on Old Norcross Road. My parents like moving a lot from one house to another, so that meant we had to move schools as well. We finally settled down and I graduated from Discovery High School just last May of 2018. This is my second semester attending GGC. As of right now I am unemployed because I wanted to focus on school. I used to work at chic-fil-a for about 2 years though, and I stopped working about 3 months ago.

My family is pretty big and most of my family members live out of state. I Have family in Nevada, Ohio, Texas, and Mexico. Most of my family that is from Texas and Mexico, aren't able to travel here to Georgia. It's also really hard for us to travel over there, so it is really rare to see my family from Mexico. We currently went on vacation to Mexico in December. It was so much fun and exciting because it had been already about 7 years that we had seen them.

Here is a picture of me with my mom and my siblings in Mexico with my grandparents on December 2018


My plan for now is to major in Nursing, but I really think I want to change it to business accounting. Since math is my strongest subject and I just like having to deal with numbers. After college I plan on working in the bank or also on filing taxes for people. My future plans are all over the place, but working in the bank is what I have in mind right now.


Shopping - I absolutely love to go shopping, but only if it's mainly things I need. It's also something soothing for me because I can look around the mall for hours and just get things out of my head. It's kind of relaxing if you think about it. I take it as time for myself.

Gym - Going to the gym is right there with shopping. I love it. Especially because I can just go and take a run to get things out of my mind. I also enjoy feeling the burning sensation because that just lets me know that my workouts are actually working. Fun fact: I used to be so lazy to go and nothing motivated me, but I just went one day and I fell in love. To me it's honestly my go to place.

Sports - I know, I do not look like a sports girl, but I enjoy playing. I actually really suck at sports, but basketball and soccer just grab my attention. Its so easy and fun to play. Especially when I play with my friends or family, it gets so intense and I don't even know what i'm doing, but I just try and try to win. To me it is always about trying and not giving up on something you like.

This is me and my sister on prom day 2018


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My Travel Page

Honestly I don't really travel much, but if I had the opportunity to go somewhere I would love to go to Cancun, Mexico. If you'd like to see what I would do on my days there, click down below!

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Favorite Dish

Having many food options is amazing, but people tend to have their one main plate that is their absolute favorite.

Check out my favorite dish --> Click here

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