Biology Discipline Vision and Strategic Plan

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Ideas for Best Practices in Biology that we want to consider:

1. Engage students in undergraduate research

   a. Value undergraduate research as evidenced by teaching load reductions, and time for research

2. Incorporate interdisciplinary components into some courses, with collaboration with faculty in other disciplines (i.e., team teaching). GGC encourages innovation, yet GGC's response to team teaching is what I've been hearing administrators say for the 14 years I've been teaching in higher ed.

   a. Request administrators to resolve 'teaching load' conflicts to accommodate faculty who want to team teach courses across disciplines and across Colleges (eg. SLA and SST, Business and SST)

3.Improve oral and written communication of our students. Stress to students the importance of reading and good communication by incorporating written assignments, oral presentations, reading and discussion of scientific books and literature reviews in key courses over the period of the students 4 years . Faculty would need to be trained on how to fairly assess presentations and written work.

4. Engage Biology majors in a curriculum that supports their desired career goals.

5. Encourage faculty members efforts to gain greater expertise in assessment and evaluation of curricula and educational programs.

6. Hire more laboratory support staff.

   A. Biology Laboratory Technician

7. Support efforts of faculty members to innovate curricular modifiations by providing course release and sabbatical semesters for cross-disciplinary integration and multi-institutional collaborations.

8. Provide some kind of release time to revamp labs for majors, particularly 1107 (maybe 1108) so they are more inquiry based and not cookbook type labs.

9. Implement standard rubics across the discipline for lab reports and written projects to assist in student understanding of expectations and learning objectives. (The AACU VALUE rubrics are a great place to start.)

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