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About Me

Rodney, Amanda, and Albert

Hello fellow classmates,

My name is Rodney C Brown and I am majoring in computer programming. I am a veteran of the United States Navy where i served six years. I am married have been married nearly 7 years and have a son at the age of 3. I wish to pursue game development after college is over with. I am excited to learn more about computing and learn new tools to help me in the future!

I was born in Tampa, Florida, but moved to Georgia at the age of 3.

Tampa, Florida


My hobbies include video games with my spouse and spending time with my son Jaxein Tyler Brown. I enjoy hiking and traveling, although I lack the free time to do these things often. I also enjoy cooking and making food for family and friends.

My favorite game I play is Final Fantasy XIV. It is an excellent MMO with a fantastic story and game play! Check it out here and join me in Exodus server! Final Fantasy XIV


  • Traveling to new countries and learning of their cultures.
  • Spending time at the mall with friends and watching movies.
  • Learning as much as possible in college to help me learn how to become a game developer in the future.
  • Meeting new people and making more friends!


This is my professor's page, Dr. Tacksoo Im.

A few of my awesome classmates!

Check out my dream travel page here: Tokyo, Japan

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