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About Me

I was born in New Jersey and I moved to Georgia when I was in second grade. I have two little sisters who are both into karate and love to play soccer in their free time. My dad seems serious most of the time, but he is always ready to tell a super corny joke. I've been told that I look just like my mom especially when I had long hair when I was young. I work for a Petco distribution center in Braselton, but I'm plaining on finding a better job with better pay. In my free time my friends and I play soccer, longboard, or just try to find something stupid to do. I love all movies but horror movies are my favorite I like being scared I think this is why I like roller-coaster rides and one day I hope to go skydiving. My plans for my future after college is not 100% set out but right now I'd like to think that id major in psychology and become a criminal psychologist.


    1. Soccer
    I want to be able to something with soccer in my future
    1. Longboarding
    I like cruising with my headphones in blasting music
    1. Movies
    I love watching scary movie
    1. Watching Basketball
    I suck at playing but this is my second favorite sport
    1. Muisc
    I love all music besides country

Travel Page

I would like to travel to Colombia, Spain, and Italy. Travel

Favorite Food Page

Favorite Food Page

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