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My name is Freesia May Castillo.Freesia is a flower that is native to southern Africa, and Castillo is the Spanish word for castle. I was born in Chicago, Illinois on July 3, 1994. My parents' names are Luis Castillo and Pamela Castillo. My father was born in Haiti, and due to his family history, besides Haitian, I am Mexican, Cuban, German, and other various European nationalities. Not long after my birth, my parents moved my older sister and I and us all out to Palmdale, California. We lived there for 9 years, and in that time my three younger brothers were born. I attended a bilingual school where I became fluent in reading, writing, and speaking Spanish. However, soon after I started the fourth grade, I was transferred to a traditional school, and not long after that, my family and I moved to Buford, GA. I went to three schools in the fourth grade. Besides Georgia schools not being in session year round, the set up and campus of the schools are much different than those in California. I attended Ivy Creek Elementary, Glen C. Jones Middle School, and Mill Creek High School where I graduated with Honors. After graduation, I took a year-long break from school and just focused on working and saving money for college. I started my first semester at GGC in the Fall of 2013. My goal is to graduate in 3 years or less, with a degree in business.


  • Gaming
    • Preferred Console: Xbox 360
    • Preferred Game Type: FPS (First Person Shooter)
    • Game Examples: Battlefield and Call of Duty Battlefield.jpg
  • Drawing and Design
    • Main Areas: Realistic portraits, sketches that examine lines, and emotional composition
    • Motivation: To become well-enough versed in several types of composition that I would be a possible condidate for an internship at a tattoo parlor.
    • Major Goal: Own my own tattoo parlor and attached clothing, makeup, and art boutique.
  • Singing
    • Application: Leading the youth worhip at my church with my brother.

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