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Project 2, Part 1:

This project compares the file sizes of a bitmapped .tiff file and a .svg vector graphic file.
I created the .tiff file using textEdit and Grab, both pieces of software that come with a Mac.
The .svg file was created using the bezier curve tool in Inkscape.

File type

File size

The image

The download


18,588 bytes

Cg initalsitecfall201004.svg

To download:
Option-Click here


4,800 bytes


To download:
Option-Click here

Project 2, Part 2:

In this project we are using Inkscape, software that is open source and available freely on the web.
After using Inkscape to trace our initials using Bezier curves in Part 1, we are going to use it to create a character, or avatar, that can later be imported into 2D gaming software by students in our Intro to Programming course.
We are creating 8 different views from around the character as vector graphics and saving them as .svg files.
Using GIMP, also open source software available on the web, we import the 8 different views and then save them as an animated GIF file. This animated GIF shows the character rotating through 360 degrees showing all 8 views to give the viewer a better idea what the character looks like.

My Character

This is the animated GIF of my character:
If you option click the image you can download it.
Note to my students:
This image has many more sides than yours will need... so don't panic! You will only need to do 8 views



To download the individual parts that I used to create the animated gif, option click the link below the thumbnail


Right front 45 degree view

Right 90 degree view

Right back 135 degree view

Back view

Left back 225 degree view

Left side view

Left front 315 degree side view










45 degrees

90 degrees

135 degrees

180 degrees

225 degrees

270 degrees

315 degrees

How I built this:

Note to my students:
Including the images that you worked FROM (below) is optional.
Including the resulting .svg files (above) is NOT optional
To build this animated GIF I first took pictures using the camera built into the Mac in the lab.

This image was used to create the front view

This image was used to create both right and left views.
I simply flipped the original horizontally to create the other side view

The front 45 degree view was used for both left and right 45 degree views

The back 45 degree view was used for both the left and right 45 degree views

This image was used for the back view






Then I used Inkscape to trace over these images and create .svg images of each of the images.

Part 3: Bitmapped images


Here is the original image

Cgcarblurfall2010itec211004.jpg Here the background is blurred

Cgcarblack&whitefall2010itec211004.jpg Here the background is made black and white


Here the (whatever part you want to look like it moved) looks like it is moving

Cgcarborderfall2010itec211004.jpg I've added a black border

Cgcarsignaturefall2010itec211004.jpg I've added my digital signature

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