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Charmaine Espeut is a 19 year old American female that goes to Georgia Gwinnett College. Currently she is working at a greasy fast food restaurant. She aspires to to do many things with her life like create a cd, sing in front of audiences without passing out and letting the world know that good music actually exist now days! Charmaine is very shy when you meet her at first, but once she warms up to you; you know that you have a dependable friend for life. She is a pisces!



Since Charmaine was a little girl she loved to sing. To this day she still loves to sing, but now she writes songs! Singing and songwriting makes helps her express herself. It also makes her feel happy! She also likes to play video games (Mario Cart), cook, read, shop, take showers, and surf Youtube.

Goals for 2011 and 2012

Charmaine's goals are: 1. Lose 50 pounds

2. Create an album

3. Create 3 youtube channels

4. Have shows

5. Survive 2012

6. Attempt to meet someone who is as awesome as she is

7. Deleting this wiki page

8. Copyright all of her songs

9. Learn how to master makeup

10. Teach herself how to play an instrument

Favorite websites she enjoys

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