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Charnice Danielle Crowley

Charnice Crowley


In Chicago, Illinois. Cook County on May 16, 1993 to the parents of Maurnice Jones (2nd wife of Norvla Crowley)and Norvla Crowley in Michael Reese Hospital a baby girl by the name of Charnice Danielle Crowley was born. Charnice was raised on the Southside of Chicago until she was 12 with her older sibling Ricardo Crowley. Charnice was 1 out 6 children from her father and 1 out of 2 from her mother. When charnice was 12 years old her mother decided to move to Lithonia, Georgia with her children and have been living there for 7 years now. Charnice Crowley has attented Salem Middle School, then went to Martin Luther King Jr. High School and furthered her education at Georgia Gwinnett College but has dreams of transferring to University of Georgia to major in animal science. Her future goals are to get a V.M.D (veterinary medicine degree)and build her own animal hospital with state of the art technology and animal adoption center.


  • reading novels
  • Dancing (hip hop, jazz, and liturgical)
  • Watching movies
  • Volunteering at animal shelters
  • Ministries
  • Playing Xbox Games (Call of Duty(Black Ops), Sims, any Zombie games)
  • Exploring (food and places)
  • Naturals and Remedies

Favorite Websites

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