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Chloe is a freshman attending Georgia Gwinnett College. She is unsure of exactly what career she would like to pursue, but she knows she wants to make a difference in people's lives. She enjoys long walks on the beach, a good novel and Netflix and chill. Hit her up sometime if you see her on campus!

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Chloe Cotton



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Advanced Plant Technologies (APT)

The Advanced Plant Technologies program seeks to develop plants capable of serving as next-generation, persistent, ground-based sensor technologies to protect deployed troops and the homeland by detecting and reporting on chemical, biological, radio-logical, nuclear, and explosive threats. Such biological sensors would be effectively energy-independent, increasing their potential for wide distribution, while reducing risks associated with deployment and maintenance of traditional sensors. These technologies could also potentially support humanitarian operations by, for example, detecting unexploded ordnance in post-conflict settings. DARPA’s technical vision for APT is to use plants' natural ability for sensing and responding to stimulus from the environment and extend that ability to become sensitive to a range of things. This would allow for discreet engineer response mechanisms that can be monitored remotely. To succeed, APT must ensure that modified plants are safe, robust, and self-sustaining in their environments. The program hinges on the advancement of technologies for performing multiple, complex modulations to plants, without sacrificing their environmental fitness.


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