Christina Rojasycaza: Homoptera

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Order: Homoptera

Family: Cicadellidae

Location of Collection: 34°03'00.5"N 83°53'21.3"W

Date of Collection: 09/27/2018

Shannon-Wiener Index of Biodiversity: H' = 3.2060663

Rank Abundance: 1

Species Abundance: 15

Collectors: Christina Rojasycaza, Taylor Bowen, Deidrea Darroux, Tim Hoang

Distinguishing Morphological Features of Family:

▪ Body: length 2-30 mm long, 2 pairs of wings; front wings are thickened and dark

▪ Head: oval wide, blunt head with sucking mouthparts tucked underneath

▪ Most often are green and yellow, but some have more colors and patterns

▪ Adults can fly and hop quickly off a plant if disturbed

Ecological Importance:

▪ Very large group; each species is usually specific in its selection of a food plant

▪ Can serve as pests of cultivated plants, causing injury by feeling and other serve as vectors of plant diseases

Economic Importance:

▪ Release a clear watery discharge called honeydew from the anus

▪ Use honeydew in which other insects such as ants may be attracted

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