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Diptera Specimen

Specimen #: 18

Order: Diptera

Family: Cecidomyiidae

Date of Collection: August 23rd, 2018

Location: Environmental Heritage Center - Upstream

Coordinates: 34°03'35.2"N 84°00'08.8"W

Species Abundance: 13

Rank Abundance: 2

Shannon-Wiener "H" Value: 3.325647567

Distinguishing Morphological Features:

- Reduced hind wings that are termed "halteres" that help in balancing organs during flight.

- Enlarged mesothorax to contain larger flight muscles.

- Dipteran pupae have non-functional mandibles.

Ecological and Economic / Public Importance:

- Diptera larvae are know to be key identifiers of water quality within an ecosystem.

- Pollinators of many plants that traditional bees do not actively seek out or pollinate.

- Though negative, diptera are prone to carrying/transmitting disease from one organism to another.

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