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Me at the Georgia National Fair


About Me

Hi, My name is Isabella !

Before I start off with my whole life story, let me take a couple seconds of your time to explain my name. My name comes from the combination of my two abuelitas. My paternal grandmother's name was "Isaura" and my maternal grandmother's name was, or we thought at the time, "Belarmina". Funny story about my maternal grandmother's name is that for most of her life she thought her name was spelled Belarmina when in actually it's spelled Velarmina. I don't really know how that mix up happened, but I thought it was pretty funny.Three years, one month and one day after my parents' first child, Stephanie, was born the true miracle came to be, Me. I was born on May 23, 2000, in Macon, Georgia. My dad, Ricardo, and my mom, Nila, were born in Mexico and later immigrated to the United States making me and my siblings first-generation Americans. When I was four, my parents divorced and my mom later remarried. In 2008, I moved to Carlisle, Ohio with my Mom, Step Dad, and my siblings. I started third grade there and stayed in Ohio until I graduated in 2018. Life in Ohio was honestly pretty boring and the town that I lived in was small. I mean it wasn't even considered a town because there weren't enough people in it so technically it was classified as a village. I was also one of the few minorities in Carlisle with my family being one of the only ones that were Hispanic. It wasn't all bad really, but there were moments I would have rather been in a bigger more diverse school.

I have four other siblings. My older sister Stephanie is three years older than me, I was born next, then my sister Tanya who is five years younger, then my sister Abby who is seven years younger and finally the only boy in my family is Anthony who is nine years older than me. My family is pretty big.

Featured (left to right):My Sister,Cousins and I at Iron Age
My Sister Stephanie and I posing when she graduated from Navy Bootcamp


I enrolled at GGC as Undecided. However, I am currently looking into either majoring in business or biology. In school I was equally good in all subjects, so now I have a hard time seeing which one I would excel in. The struggle for me going into college was deciding what I wanted to major in. Even now I still don't know and as frustrating as that can be, sometimes I just need to remind myself to take life one step at a time. I might not know exactly what I want to do with my life right now, but I know I will eventually.


Featured (left to right): Oreo & Chip
  • Dogs

My favorite type of dogs are Chihuahuas. I have two chihuahuas that are currently living in Ohio with my mom and their names are Chip and Oreo. I like small, cute dogs and that's exactly what a chihuahua is. Sometimes, they can be a little noisy but for the most part they're great dogs. ★10/10 would recommend for a dog.★

  • Travel

I like discovering new places and making lasting memories. I've had the chance to visit a lot of places in the United States. After moving to Ohio I would still come frequently to Georgia to visit my Dad and other family members here. I want to be able to travel the world someday and document my journeys there. Click on my travel page to see where I want to visit next.

  • Shopping

For some strange reason, I like to think I'm made of money and can find myself spending money on things I already have or don't really need. The day I win the lottery is the day that I won't have to worry about my spending habits.

  • Fashion

I wouldn't go as far as to say I'm great at fashion or anything,but it does interest me. I like following fashion week and see what trends are in at the moment. Fun Fact: I used to want to model when I was younger, but I'm pretty sure everyone had that phase.Sadly, I only grew to be 5'3.

Favorite Things

  1. I absolutely love Shaved Ice. I don't like milk and so while I can eat ice cream and milkshakes, I can't eat them for a very long time. Shaved Ice on the other hand, I could eat all day.
    • Side note: I'm not lactose intolerant, I just don't like milk.

2. Bread. That's it I just love bread that I could eat it instead of a meal anytime. I grew up eating whole wheat so I can eat it. but to be honest I'd rather eat anyother type of bread.

Interesting Things About Me

  • I've been out of the country. I went to Mexico.
  • I am bilingual and can speak both English and Spanish Fluently.
  • I was Senior Prom Queen in High School and won Best Smile. :)
  • I worked at a Chinese Restaurant the last two years of High School.
  • I was in track my 7th grade year, but my athletic career was cut short after I realized that I in fact hated running.
  • I don't like using escalators and would much rather climb stairs or use an elevator. I have an irrational fear that i'm going to be sucked into an escalator one day.
  • When I was younger I really wanted to break a bone because I wanted to wear a cast. I was a dumb kid.

Future Plans

.... lol


  1. Here is my friend Starr Benitez
  2. Here is my friend Kevin Do
  3. Here is my friend Madisen Johnson
  4. Isabella's Neocities website

My favorite websites to use are | Netflix, | Twitter &| Youtube

My Travel Page

The world is your oyster, so go explore!

Viajando El Mundo ✈

My Favorite Dish

Do you eat to live, or live to eat? I for one am the type of person that lives to eat. One of the many reasons I want to travel the world is to try the various foods that can be found in each region. Follow the food below to get more inside on what a known foodie's favorite dish is.

🍔 🌮 🍱 🍗

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