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Part I: Wallpaper

Image Type Image File Size
PNG (Wall)

CuneoJoshua Pjt1 Wall.png

205 KB

BMP (Wall)

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5.93 MB

SVG (Wall)

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90 KB

PNG (HalfWall)

CuneoJoshua Pjt1 HalfWall.png

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BMP (HalfWall)

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SVG (HalfWall)

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BMP (GrayWall)

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1. A triangle for the dragon's head

2. Circles for the dragon's eyes and the backdrop

3. Four distinct freehand shapes for the dragon's arms and legs

4. An open polyline for the bolt of lightning

Bezier Curves

  • The dragon's body uses 13 Bezier curves.


I applied a radial gradient to the gray image background.




This wallpaper is a depiction of the "S is for Sucks" dragon from the Homestar Runner cartoons, standing on top of a hill during a thunderstorm. The backdrop enhances Trogdor as a terrifying dragon monster.



Part II: Instagram

Scale all images to 300 px. wide.

CuneoJoshua Pjt1 GIMP Foreground.jpg
Here is my foreground image.

CuneoJoshua Pjt1 GIMP Background.jpg
Here is my background image.

CuneoJoshua Pjt1 GIMP1.jpg
Here a foreground object is added to the background.

CuneoJoshua Pjt1 GIMP2.jpg
Here the healing brush was used to remove the light hitting the front of the house.

CuneoJoshua Pjt1 GIMP3.jpg
Here the filter Desaturate is applied

CuneoJoshua Pjt1 GIMP4.jpg
Here the filter Cartoon is applied

CuneoJoshua Pjt1 GIMP5.jpg
Here the filter Coffee Stain is applied

CuneoJoshua Pjt1 GIMP6.jpg
I've added a border and my name

Image Type Image File Size

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BMP (Indexed)

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CuneoJoshua Pjt1 GIMP Palette.JPG


Foreground Image:

Background Image:

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