DS3 Collembola Fall 2015

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Coll ds3 morph 1.JPG

Order: Collembola

Location: Downstream site 3

Date: August 28, 2015

Collector: Logan Williams


Order Characteristics: Minute: Less than or equal to 6mm; Body: elongate or oval; Wings: absent; Abdomen: 6 or fewer segments, with tube-like structure (collophore) on center of first abdominal sternum (1) and usually with forked structure (furcula) on 4th or 5th abdominal sterna(2); Antennae; usually short 4-6 segments(3); usually found in soil or leaf litter

Ecological Importance: Decomposers whom break down and recycle organic wastes, and some species feed on plants and can be pests.

Economical Importance: Importance for developing and maintaining soil, and some are considered pests.

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