DS3 Hemiptera Fall 2015

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Order: Collembola

Location: Downstream site 3 [Latitude: 33 degrees 58' 41.90"N, Longitude; 84 degree 1' 9.13"W]

Date: August 28, 2015

Collector: Jessica Pena


Order Characteristics: Often has long antennae with 5 or fewer segments. Tarsi consists of 3 segments or less. Pronotum is usually large. Have sucking mouthparts that are formed into a beak arising from front of the head. Wings are usually held flat over back and overlap.

Ecological Importance: They can feed on plants or other insects and some are even parasites. Aphids can have a symbiotic relationship with some ants, gaining protection from predators by feeding the ants honeydew. So they help the ant population.

Economical Importance: Are considered pests to humans because certain species of Hemipteras spread disease to plants which hurts agriculture. They can also be parasites and transmit diseases to humans such as Chagas disease.

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