DS3 Hymenoptera morphospecies 3

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Photo: D88CB432-9D3D-44BA-BE49-5F981D718FECCFB5EC9B-047D-49A8-B2E3-0EA808A34220.jpg

Order: Hymenoptera

Morpho-sepcies number: 3

Location: Downstream site 3

Date: August 28, 2015

H': 2.294

Collector: Wesley Morphis

Order Characteristics: Body: often "wasp-like", often constricted between thorax and abdomen^(1); Wings: when present, 4 membranous FW little larger that HW^(2), 1 or more small hooks on anterior margin of HW that are used to couple HW to FW during flight, in small forms, venation very reduced; Antennae: fairly long, usually greater than or equal to 10 segments; Tarsi: 5 segmented^(3) 9except in some minute forms:; Ovipositor: well developed, sometimes long, sometimes modified into a sting; Mouthparts: chewing, always with well developed chewing mandibles, sometimes maxillae and labium elongated into a sucking "tongue"^(4)

Ecological importance: Some are pollinators, parasitism among other insects and animals, and produce food for other animals.

Economic importance: Some forms of parasitism can be a biocontrol for insect pests, some are pests that destroy crops and harm other insects and animals, and some produce beneficial properties for human consumption.

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