DS3 Hymenoptera morphospecies 6

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Location (coordinates): Latitude 33°58' 41.90°N Longitude 84°1'9.13°W

Date: 08/28/2015


Collector: Wynn Hoge

Order characteristics: Eyes -They have large compound eyes, and typically three ocelli. Mouth -chewing with well developed chewing mandibles Wings -4 wings Forward wings longer than hind wings, linked together by small hooks (hamuli) Antennae -Long antennae 10 or more segments Tarsi -5 segments

Ecological importance:Act as pollinators for flowering plants. Some wasps are parasitoids, they lay their eggs in other species eggs. They can also be major predators to other insects. Parasitic Hymenoptera are shown to be important in preserving ecological balance and maintaining biological diversity in terrestrial ecosystems.

Economic: Without pollinators, there will be no plant reproduction. Most plants would not be able to be pollinated and would impact cross pollinating.

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