DS3 Lepidoptera Fall 2015

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Order: Collembola

Location: Downstream site 3 [Latitude: 33 degrees 58' 41.90"N, Longitude; 84 degree 1' 9.13"W]

Date: August 28, 2015

Collector: Jessica Pena


Order Characteristics: Large membranous wings, the front are a little longer than the hind wings. Sucking mouthparts in form of coiled tube at rest. Antennae is slender and long sometimes plumose in moths.

Ecological Importance: Many are involved in the pollination of plants. Some lepidoptera can be parasitic to other insects.

Economical Importance: While butterflies are beneficial to humans because they pollinate plants, some lepidoptera can be harmful to plants and agriculture and are considered pests

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