DS4 Hymenoptera morphospecies 4

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Location: latitude= 33 degrees 58' 41.90 "N longitude= 84 degrees 1' 9.13 "W


Date: August 28, 2015


Collector: Glendon Le

Order characteristics: Wings- when present, 4 membranous, FW little larger than HW. 1 or more small hooks on anterior margin of HW that are used to couple HW to FW during flight.

Body- often "wasp-like", often constricted between thorax and abdomen.

Antennae- fairly long, usually greater than 10 segments.

Mothparts- chewing, always with well developed chewing mandibles, sometimes maxillae and labium elongated into sucking tongue.

Tarsi- 5 segmented

Ovipositor- well developed, sometimes long, sometimes modified into a sting.

Ecological Importance: Pollinators of plants

Economic Importance: Without pollinators, there will be no plant reproduction.

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