DS4 Lepidoptera Morphospecies 2

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Location: latitude= 33 degrees 58' 41.90 "N longitude= 84 degrees 1' 9.13 "W


Date: August 28, 2015


Collector: Glendon Le

Order characteristics: Wings- Large, membranous, FW little longer than HW, wings largely or entirely covered with scales.

Mouthpart- sucking, in form of coiled tube at rest generally labial palps but not maxillary palps visible.

Antennae- Slender, long, sometimes plumose in moths, always knobbed in butterflies.

Ecological Importance: Lepidopteras act as herbivores, pollinators, and food for insectivores throughout the environment.

Economic Importance: Not only they are valued for their beauty, the larvae of these insects are one of the most destructive to agricultural crops and trees.

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