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Personally, this place is my favorite. I have never been to a more hospitable city, and conversed with so many open minded individuals here. If you are looking to push societal norms and really see all there is to see in a safe format, Amsterdam is the place for you. They have everything from fun tours, and delicious food! The place is also very health friendly, and by that I mean that the preferred method of travel is by bicycle and walking. People do have cars, but typically the best and most romantic places to hang out prevent travel by motor vehicle. There are a lot of young liberal people here, and everyone is always ready to converse with you regardless of nationality or decent.



Cityskyliner luxembourg01wiki.jpg

Luxembourg is a very sleepy place for the rich and extravagant. I came here during a summer film festival and I've never seen so many Ferrari's in one place, and people were wearing my college tuition's worth in clothes, purses, and diamonds! At night however, people seem to come out and enjoy wine in droves and everyone talks and converses with each other at the night clubs and bars, as the streets and alleys are so close together.


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Berlin was my final destination on my trip. This place is very clean and very different from most cities I've ever been to simply for the fact that by day, everyone is very sound and put together; but by night (especially on weekends) everyone comes out with their own vibe. Kind of like when you're with family you're clean and put together, but at night when you're with friends you're whoever you want to be. Berlin has one of the best clubbing/bar scenes I've ever experienced. Here in the states clubs and bars are often in busy areas and clumped together in a "strip" but in Berlin, they have clubs and bars in whole industrial sections, and abandoned warehouses. It's so cool because on the outside of these massive warehouses they look intimidating, but when you get inside and explore all the different rooms, you'll find something different happening in each one.

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