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My name is Daniel De La Hoz and I am currently a student at GGC. I started my high school education at Collins Hill High School and became homeschooled my sophomore year and then transfered to Mountain View High School and graduated from the same school. I plan to major in the field of biology to hopefully become a veterinary some day. I also work part-time at a company called Cape and I am currntly an office clerk.


I enjoy working with animals and that is why I want to become a vet because I want to be able to help them and interact with them in some way. I enjoy world history and science, I collect coins and paper money from all over the world, and I enjoy to play soccer and skateboard in my free time. out of all these I enjoy to skateboard the most and I have been doing it for a pretty long time now. here is a picture of me skateboarding at a skatespot called "the fridge gap" this picture was taken in 2007 I believe.

Daniel de la hoz.bmp

Favorite Links

some of my favorite links are posted here: http://www.wikipedia.org/ http://espn.go.com/ http://www.google.com/ http://www.ggc.edu/ http://www.youtube.com/ http://skateboarding.transworld.net/ http://wiki.ggc.usg.edu/wiki/F11-ITEC1001-35 http://wiki.ggc.usg.edu/wiki/Daniel_De_La_Hoz

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