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My name is ShyeraDavis-Caraan. I'm attending Georgia Gwinnett College for a second semester as a freshman. I'm currently working towards my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. I'm a wife, and a mother of two boys. I'm originally from New Jersey, however, I moved to Georgia in the winter of 2012, with my husband and two small children. I am a Libra and I also have a twin brother. Some of my interest includes: spending time with my family, shopping, working out at the gym, and doing hair/makeup. When I have free time, I'll spend it with my children or I love watching reality t.v. One of my favorite fictional show is, " The Walking Dead."


my favorite makeup Favorite makeup.jpg
my favorite designer Favorite designer.jpg
my favorite place to eat Favorite place to eat.jpg


  • Working on my fitness
    • Watching hair/makeup videos
      • Shopping

Favorite Links

  1. Youtube
  2. H&M
  3. Google


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