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Din Bidor


Background Information

Din Bidor was created and designed in January 2014 by a group five ladies of royal descent. Din Bidor was created in the center of the Griffin Desert in order to provide shelter and relaxation to local travelers. This country is known for its supply of precious metals such as silver, along with its plentiful supply of water. Din Bidor is named after a demon in the Fablehaven Preserve by Brandon Mull. (http://fablehaven.wikia.com/wiki/Fablehaven_Wiki) It is a wolf- like demon which increases its size from darkness and fear. This animal was chosen to protect the people of Din Bidor in times of vulnerability, especially during night time. Din Bidor is protected from bandits, which make it the ideal for the typical traveler.

Location of Din Bidor

Din Bidor is located in the furthest North East section of ‘Merica.

The Nafia Dragon
  • Colors: Tiffany and Co Blue and Coral
  • Size: 2 mile radius; about 12.5 square miles
  • Language: English is mostly spoken; however, many translators dwell here to assist travelers.
  • Accommodations: Din Bidor supplies an income to those who would like to permanently reside there in return for supplying a needed trade/ skill to others of the area.
  • Country’s Animal: Also from Fablehaven, the Nafia is an enormous blue female dragon. She represents strength, security, and water.
  • Country’s Anthem:
  • Government Style: Aristocracy
  • Religion:
  • Security:

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