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Family: Mycetophilidae

Common Name: Fungus Gnat


Diptera wikipedia pic.jpg

Location of collection: (33°59′03.87″ N, 84°00′20.37″ W)

Date of collection: Summer 2017

Collection Method: Malaise trap

Order: Diptera

H': 3.99269

Morphospecies: 5-10

Rank Abundance: 2

Distinguishing Features: Looks similar to a mosquito, slender and long-legged, without a proboscis. The eyes of this group do not meet.

Habitat: Common in areas with an abundance of decaying vegetation or fungi. Larvae live in fungi, decaying vegetation, or moist soil.

Ecological Importance: Adults of this family can usually be separated from other small flies by the strongly humped thorax, well-developed coxae, and often spinose legs, but identification within the family between genera and species generally requires close study of microscopic features such as subtle differences in wing venation and variation in chaetotaxy and genitalia. The terrestrial larvae usually feed on fungi, especially the fruiting bodies, but also spores and hyphae, but some species have been recorded on mosses and liverworts. The larvae of some species, while still being associated with fungi, are at least partly predatory.

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