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Eliane Kim

I live and work in Duluth, Georgia. I am a full-time paralegal at a law office for over 8 years. I am a Christian, and I am of a United Methodist denomination. I am actively involved in my church as a Praise leader, and Sunday school for Pre-K children. I like to play with blocks.


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My classmates' Wiki: Krystle C. Irving

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Computer Language

My name is Eliane Kim.

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Each time someone discovers a new technology for an aircraft, especially the military aircraft, it would cost the government tremendous amount of funds to upgrade and install the new technology for the aircraft. Even so, the increased complex interfaces inside the aircraft makes it even harder for the pilot to use the upgraded technology correctly. There are so many, it is very difficult for the pilot or the crew to remember such operations. Even with the manuals and guidelines, it is not always easy to execute in times of emergency.

DARPA, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, created a program called ALIAS (Aircrew Labor In-Cockpit Automation System). This program allows adding high levels of automation that is less expensive and tailorable. It would also be easily incorporated into the aircraft, and is also removable from the system. This program will allow installations of highly complex automation, such as autopilot, takeoff, and landing even when there is a system failure. Such improvement will help reduce number of on-board crew, as it can also be programmed specifically for any particular missions.


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