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Welcome to the GGC Wiki for ITEC1001-28! This collaborative space will be used in conjunction with Blackboard for our class.

Ajanovic, Aldijana
Ballentine, Brent A.
Barbrow, Brandon C.
Bowens, Mark B.
Boyd, Richard D.
Chunn, Brittany N.
Coffman, Lauren C..
Coulter, Candice N. .
Gissell, Lauren G..
Gissell, Todd .
Hewatt, Amanda L..
Hicks, Patrick D..
Khan, Sana B..
Kroemer, Daniel J..
Lopez, Eddie J..
Peterson, Erica L..
Pinson, Samantha A..
Pruitt, Ashley .
Raschke-Stoehr, Dylan W..
Richie, John P..
Sanchez, Francisco .
Sayani, Sunair.
Spraggins, Nicholas O..
Strimbu, Sergiu S..
Wells, James E..
Woolever, Stephen N..

About Wikis

If you're interested in learning more about wikis, see the links below. We'll work with wiki pages later - for right now, just refer to the Word Fundamentals below. I'll be adding additional links and resources.

PowerPoint Skills

  • Creating Presentations from a Blank Presentation
  • Creating Presentations Using Design Templates
  • Opening an Existing Presentation
  • Navigating between Slides
  • Switching between Master and Normal Views
  • Using the Outline and Slides Tabs
  • Saving and Closing a Presentation

Working with Text

  • Adding Text to Slides
  • Adding Bulleted and Numbered Lists
  • Editing Text on Slides
  • Formatting Text
  • Working with Fonts
  • Aligning Text
  • Checking Spelling
  • Using the Thesaurus
  • Using Find and Replace

Working with Graphics and Other Objects

  • Creating Tables on Slides
  • Adding Charts to Slides
  • Inserting an Excel Chart
  • Adding Diagrams to Slides
  • Adding Objects to Slides
  • Adding Draw Objects to Slides
  • Adding WordArt Elements to Slides
  • Adding Pictures to Slides
  • Modifying Graphics

Adding Sound to Slides Adding Movies to Slides Designing Presentations

  • Customizing the Slide Background
  • Adding Images to the Slide Background
  • Using Different Slide Layouts
  • Modifying Slide Layout
  • Applying a New Design to the Presentation
  • Changing the Design of a Single Slide
  • Applying Animation Schemes
  • Applying Transitions
  • Inserting Content in Headers and Footers
  • Modifying Placeholders in the Slide Master

Managing Presentations

  • Adding Slides to Presentations
  • Inserting Slides from Other Presentations
  • Deleting Slides from Presentations
  • Changing the Order of Slides
  • Adding Hyperlinks to Slides
  • Previewing and Printing Slides
  • Previewing and Printing Handouts, Outlines and Notes

Workgroup Collaboration

  • Adding and Editing Comments
  • Printing Comments Pages
  • Accepting and Rejecting Changes

Delivering Presentations

  • Setting Up Presentations for Delivery
  • Starting the Presentation
  • Using Presentation Navigation Tools

Excel Skills

  • Basic
    • Introduction to Excel
    • Starting and exit Excel
    • Creating a new blank workbook
    • Searching the help system
    • Saving an Excel Workbook
    • Finding and open an existing Excel Workbook
  • Entering Data
    • Entering and editing cell content: text, numerical values, numeric labels and date values
    • Entering a range of data
    • Using AutoCorrect, AutoFill, and AutoSum
    • Modifying cell contents
    • Clearing and editing cells
    • Finding and replacing cell content
  • Editing a Worksheet
    • Deleting a cell
    • Deleting columns and rows
    • Inserting a cell
    • Inserting columns and rows
    • Merging/Splitting cells
    • Selecting cells and ranges
    • Using Undo and Redo
    • Using Cut, Copy, Paste
    • Using Copy and Paste Special
  • Formatting Worksheets
    • Changing fonts and font sizes
    • Applying different number formats
    • Changing cell alignments
    • Adding borders, shading, and colors to cells
    • Modifying column widths and row heights
    • Hiding and unhiding columns and rows
    • Using AutoFit
    • Applying AutoFormat
    • Applying Bold, Italic, and Underline
  • Using Formulas and Functions
    • Using operators in formulas
    • Understanding and using operator precedence
    • Entering and editing formulas
    • Using relative, absolute and mixed references in a formula
    • Copying/Moving formulas with cell references
    • Using functions
    • Applying simple Excel functions: SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN , COUNT, COUNTIF, SUMIF
  • Analyzing Data
    • Creating and sorting Lists
    • Using Autocalculate
  • Working with Charts
    • Using the Chart Wizard to create charts
    • Modifying and formatting a chart
    • Moving and resizing a chart
    • Printing a chart
  • Managing Worksheets
    • Renaming worksheets
    • Insert and delete worksheets
    • Move and copy worksheets
    • Navigating through worksheets in a workbook
  • Printing
    • Changing the page setup
    • Adding headers and footers
    • Setting page margins
    • Changing page orientation
    • Previewing a Worksheet
    • Printing a Worksheet
    • Printing a specific range/named range in a worksheet

Word 2007 Skills

Word/Office Fundamentals

  • Overview
    • Creating a new blank document
    • Entering text
    • Opening a Document
    • Closing a document
  • Creating and managing documents
    • Saving a document with a new name
    • Saving a document to a new folder
    • Saving a document in a new format
    • Insert symbols
  • Formatting text
    • Applying bold, italic, and underline
    • Changing fonts
    • Changing font sizes
    • Changing font colors
    • Creating and editing hyperlinks
  • Printing
    • Using print preview
    • Printing a document
    • Printing selected pages
  • Editing text
    • Using cut, copy, and paste
    • Undo and redo
    • Finding and replacing text
    • Using Autocorrect
    • Turning on/off Autocorrect
  • Formatting paragraphs
    • Adding Headers and Footers
    • Using Header and Footer Autotext
    • Inserting Page Breaks
    • Inserting Page Numbers
    • Adjusting Margins
    • Changing Page Orientation
  • Other skills
    • Synonyms, Thesaurus, and Research tool
    • Checking spelling and grammar
  • Printing
    • Using Print Preview
    • Printing a Document
    • Printing Selected Pages

More Word Skills

  • Formatting documents
    • Adjusting margins
    • Adding headers and footers (inserting page numbers at bottom or top)
  • Hyperlinks
    • Inserting/editing
    • Removing
  • Creating tables
    • Creating a table
    • Entering data in a table
    • Sizing tables, columns, and rows
    • Inserting rows, columns, and cells
    • Deleting rows, columns, and cells
    • Adding simple formulas (e.g. SUM)
    • Inserting caption
    • Formatting a table
  • Creating graphics
    • Inserting Clip Art
    • Inserting a picture from a file
    • Inserting a screen shot
    • Inserting a Drawing Object
    • Modifying pictures (crop, resize, borders, etc.)
    • Inserting caption
    • Applying border
  • References and Comments
    • Reference tab
    • Inserting a new citation (electronic source, Web site, journal article, book section, etc.)
    • Building the Works Cited page
  • Workgroup collaboration
    • Track Changes
    • Comparing Documents
    • Merging Documents
    • Creating Comments
    • Modifying and Deleting Comments

Final group project overview

This is a brief summary of the end-of-semester project, which is broken into multiple steps. You are learning library skills for it now, but the assignments will be spaced out over the rest of the semester... so don't stress! :) A copy of the template that you'll need to use to to summarize your research will be provided at the library session.

The purpose of the group project is to practice effective collaboration techniques, enhance oral and written communication skills, and apply software skills learned. You will be working in teams of three to four.

Steps (deadlines to be assigned)

  • Decide on groups. Select a topic from the approved list, or propose another to the instructor for approval.
  • Conduct individual research on the topic, using the library skills learned in class, and provide a summary using the template provided in Blackboard and handed out at the session. You will submit your individual research for a grade, plus share it with your teammates. Note: Team members must all submit different articles. You will receive an individual grade for this work.
  • Plan a group presentation, and submit PowerPoint slides for it (this will be AFTER we learn PowerPoint)
  • Final presentation from group at end of semester.
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