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Why a Wiki?

What is important is that everyone contributes to the wiki. There are many ways to contribute. Below are a few suggestions:

  • Post content
  • Organize/restructure content
  • Suggest content that is needed

Wikis are an example of viral content. To quote from wikipatterns.com

One of the most useful attributes of introducing a wiki into an organization is its viral nature. Once a few people begin to use the wiki, they often realize that they could be even more efficient if only their colleagues were using the wiki too. Soon, wiki accounts are spreading exponentially.

What this means is that the more you use and contribute to the wiki, the better a resource it will be.

Wiki Editing Tips

Wiki In-Class Activity

Using your BlackBoard user ID and password, you will edit wiki pages by personalizing your home page in the GGC wiki (wiki.ggc.usg.edu)
  1. Go to your section’s home page. Follow directions.
  2. Select the “edit” tab at the top of the page.
  3. Divide your user page into three major sections of your choosing (Major section headings begin and end with ==). For example, you could choose: Favorite travel city, Sports, Favorite Links
  4. Please do not put extensive personal information on the Web!
  5. Replace one or more terms with a link to an external Web site. Here’s an example from my bio displayed on the course wiki page, in which I link to Georgia State University: Georgia State University
  6. At the bottom of your page, add a link back to your section’s ITEC 1001 page by adding the following line below:

Also see F10-ITEC1001-43

  • You could also visit the wiki pages created by previous students. Click ITEC 1001 Spring for those examples.

WEB 2.O Top Picks

Class Bios

I have added your names below. Simply click on your link and it's all yours!

Dina Anwary
Maryssa Baker
Alexandra Bannister
Cody Bowles
Collen Brown
Katherine Clark
Amanda Coker
Hong Duong
Rebekah Fannin
Richard Francisco
Taylor Jacobs
Darius Johnson
Zardana Mohammad
Yveron Morgan
Catherine Pritchett
Luis Reyes-Herrera
Emily Rogers
Ryan Rudolph
Brittnay Schuster
Evelyn Smith
Allison Stalvey
Kevin Underwood
Whitney Yarbrough

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