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Test Objectives


Group Project

  • Topic should be agreed upon by all group members.
  • Presentation Order
    • Monday,Oct 31
      • 1 Mac vs. PC - Pros and Cons (Kyle, Sarah S., Alyssa)
      • 2 How is IT used in Education? (Matt M., Matt L., Melissa)
      • 3 Medical Technology (Ambarin, Hannah)
    • Wednesday, Nov 2
      • 1 How is IT used in Healthcare? (Sarah P, Spencer, Sterling)
      • 2 Mobile applications (Jamaul,Ryan, Allen)
      • 3 How is IT used in Sports? (Jawania, Justine)
    • Friday, Nov 4
      • 1 How is IT used in Music Industry? (Parker, Ellen, Abu)
      • 2 Identity theft awareness (Aja, Chantel, Josten)
  • Use the material available in your textbook as a starting point. Each team member is expected to conduct independent research to find out more about the topic (i.e. do not just pick a topic because one person in the group knows a lot about it).
    • Computer viruses and other online annoyances: malware, adware, spyware, spam
    • Green computing
    • Linux Operating System
    • Biometrics
    • Computer Forensics
    • IT career options
    • How is IT used in Business?
    • How is IT used in Law?
    • Computing for the Social Good
    • Open Source Software
    • Assistive Technologies
    • IT in other societies
    • Video game industry - the business of game development
  • You can select a topic outside of this list with approval from the instructor
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