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Game / type of Game / Strengths / Weaknesses / Number of Players / Author

Game Type of Game Strengths Weaknesses # of Players Author
League of Legends MOBA Free to Play Can only be played on computer over 27 million daily Peter Nguyen
Madden 2015 Console Game Play online with friends Have to pay for the game over 100 million copies sold Jared Meeks
Club Penguin MMO Free to Play; you get to waddle around like a penguin Have to buy stuff to be cool; you HAVE to waddle around like a penguin Has over 200 million registered accounts James O'Donovan
Gabrielle Booker's Game

League of Legends

League of Legends made its first showcase on October 27, 2009. It is a free to play MOBA, multiplayer online battle arena, created by Riot Games. In this game, players assume the roles of an unseen “Summoner”. In each standard game, there will be 10 summoners, five on each team. Every summoner controls a unique champion with their own individual abilities. There are over 100 different champions that players can choose from before the game starts. The traditional game mode takes place on Summoner’s Rift, where the name of the game is to destroy the enemy Nexus. Easier said than done, because in order to do so, you must first get past 4 layers of towers and the five other enemy players, whose goals are to destroy your nexus.

Club Penguin

Club Penguin is an MMO released on October 24, 2005 for the personal computer. The game allows players to interact with each other via text chat. It is renowned for its child friendliness and restrictive chat. The game was so successful on release that in August of 2007 it was bought by The Walt Disney Company. As of July 2013, the game has over 200 million registered accounts.

Madden 15

Madden 15 is an online NFL football game with realistic playbooks and player stats. The game has been around since 1988 and has been released annually since then. It was named after football hall of famer John Madden. Over 100 million people have bought Madden 15 since its release. The game has three different online game modes and allows you to play with friends or a random opponent.

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