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Site Type of site Strengths Weaknesses # of Users Author
Tumblr Microblog Easy to use Platform for cyberbullying 420 million Makayla Ferrari
Instagram A place to put pictures and videos Easy to keep up with people that you dont normally live near cyber bullying 400 million Courtney McKenzie
Facebook Status and photo sharing site Direct contact Not secure enough More than 1 billion Erika Garcia
Twitter Social Networking Service (SNS) Simple to use 140 characters is max 650,750,000 Tanvir Sandhu
Pinterest Picture/Video Sharing Easy Interface Plagiarism 100 Million Chloe Holden
Snapchat Photo/Video/messaging app Different variety of filters that are available Only able to view sent picture or videos once 100 million Elma Sacic

Recommended: Facebook because it is well known and the most people use it, so you are more likely to find the people you want to connect with on there and it is user friendly

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