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Name Website Month & Year Created # of Current Users Review or Rating Advantages and Disadvantages Would You Recommend It?
Damian H. Tumblr February, 2007 256 million users 3/5 (PC Mag, 2011), 7.8/10 (Top Ten Reviews) Advantages: Lots of freedom, dashboard is user friendly and easily customizable with multiple fonts, colors, headings, and ability to choose cover and profile photos, plenty of blog templates, don't have to reveal any personal info if you don't want to

Disadvantages: Anon hate, explicit content depending on what you search or what tags you use.

Yes, I find Tumblr to be an extremely entertaining site to use. I thoroughly enjoy the freedom, customization ability, and anonymity I have on the site.
Tyler White. Instagram October, 2010 300 Million Users 4 of 5 (commonsensemedia, 2012), 4 of 5 (scientificera, 2015) Advantages: Businesses can use it to reach out to their target audience, you can share your Instagram post on other social media platforms like Facebook, their a page for almost any hobby you can think of (sports, scrapbooking, shopping), the app is easy to use, careers can come out of Instagram, it offers a decent editing features in the app to recreate your picture before you post it, and its free

Disadvantage: Instagram requires you to crop your picture before uploading it which results in cutting off your picture, majority of Instagram’s users are people advertising a business, and every post that you make on Instagram is made public unless its sent through direct message.

Yes, If you are someone who is looking for a way to connect with friends, family, and new people through social media, I’d suggest that you give this app a shot its free, easy to use, and a great way to stay connected.
Decora Evans LinkedIn December 2002 380 million users 4.5 of 5 (PC Mag, 2011),5 of 5 (Corpmagazine, 2010) Advantages: Used to connect employers and advertise your skills for employers.

Disadvantages: Not used as an actual social media website, cannot do most of the things you would do on other social media like Facebook or Instagram.

Yes, I do. It is useful for finding employers. At the same time, your page already tells an employer about you regarding work history and experience, so it is convenient.
Cyia Martin "Facebook" February 2004 1.9 billion users 3 of 5 (PC Mag, 2015), 3 of 5 (iTunes, 2015) Advantages: It's easy to use, it is the most powerful networking social media, and some users even use Facebook to find a mate. Many news stations post major events on Facebook and they usually stay up to date withe the latest trends.

Disadvantages: Facebook can be very time consuming and the privacy settings are bit hard to manage. Also other people with more than enough time on their hands and no lives can create fake Facebook profiles and can bother people which is otherwise known as "being cat-fished."

Would I recommend it? I sure would. Why not enjoy chatting with other friends and family and share your thoughts on different ideas? Facebook is a fun website and it keeps you very entertained.
Omar Mohammad "Youtube" February 2005 1.1 billion users 4 of 5 (PC Mag, 2013), 4.5 of 5 (ESRB, 2011) Advantages: It provides for an easy way to verbally get a message across to the whole world, With all the pranks and shows it is a great source of entertainment, It is a great way to gain fame for any special talent you may have.

Disadvantages: On the mobile ap when you close the ap the music stops playing.

I would definitely recommend youtube to all of my friends and family if they dont already use it. It is a great source of entertainment from watching funny pranks to learning new recipes to try.
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