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League of Legends Developed & Published By: Riot Games

Release Date: October 27th, 2009

Type of Genre: MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)

Compatibility: Mac OS & Microsoft Windows

Players: Over 67 Million World Wide, Most popular in North America & South Korea

Modes: (4) Summoner’s Rift, Crystal Scar, ARAM, Custom Made, One for All (Limited Time)

Summary of Gameplay:The main goal of this game is for you; the summoner to choose and pick a champion out of a selection of 127 in total. As a summoner you then control the champion you picked to take over the enemy’s base. The champion you pick will have 4 special skill set abilities; each champion has their own background story or “Lore” and you could even unlock “skins” for them with real money. With the champion you pick, you will play alongside four more players with their champion, 5 players including yourself would make up one team. To be victorious one must destroy the other team’s nexus (the structure that’s lying in the middle of the other team’s base); in order to destroy the other team’s base you slay other players and minions to buy items and complete in game objectives. One team will win, the other will lose, OR one can surrender to the other. Who will be victorious on Summoner’s Rift?

Smite Release date: March 25, 2014

Develop and Publisher: Hi-rez Studios

Description: SMITE is an online, third person multiplayer battle arena. In the game, players take the roles of mythological gods or other mythological figures using powers and team tactics as they face other God controlled by people and AI controlled minions.

Game Modes: Arena: 5 vs. 5 all out brawl. It is an open map with buff camps on the sides known as side objectives. Minions of both sides spawn and attempt to enter the portal located on the front of the enemy base. Rather than a single end objective, in Arena each team begins with 500 points, with the goal being to reduce your enemy's score to 0 by killing their players and minions, or escorting your own side's minions and periodically spawning siege towers to the enemy portal. Conquest: main mode of the game, featuring 3 lanes witch allow people to get to the other teams base to win the game. There is also what is known as a Jungle which contains buff camps that players can take out to make the players stronger. Assault: players are given random Gods but have an option to trade with team mates. It is a one lane based game mode and the players have to destroy two towers, a phoenix, and then their titian to win the game. Joust: 3 vs. 3. One lane players choose their Gods. It has side jungles which contains buff camps for the players. Players must destroy one tower, a phoenix, and a titian to win.

Maple Story v1 Developer: Wizet

Publisher: Nexon (South Korea, Japan, North America, Europe)

Released Date(s): (April 29, 2003)

Mode(s): MMO

Overall a side scrolling massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). You can create your own personal character in the world of Maple in a 2Dimension display. An online game where you can meet multiple users worldwide, complete variety missions, & etc. Every month Maplestory updates whether new release, maintenance, graphic display, and events for your own use. Maplestory character's is divided into different versions, so it's up to you to decide whether what kind of class you're valid for; however there's more than 10 class you can choose from. Millions worldwide plays Maplestory from ages 13 and above. That leads to how Maplestory divided into multiple servers, for each users to create in different channel so it can avoid lag. If you're worried about hackers, no worries because Maplestory usually updates to improve securities. Once you've login there's a requirement of PIN before you can enter you're own Maple World. Take a look for yourself on their web page and if you're interested, there's a download link provided.

Onigiri Number of people that have downloaded the game: 3,976,097 and still increasing

Genre type: Olden time mythical fantasy. (Set in Japan)

Created: February 6, 2013 Creator: Cyber Step

Art style: colorful 3D imaging with 360% rotation as well as customizing you own character Any Pc device is compatible with the game download link: http://cyberstep.nefficient.jp/csdownload_files/clients/Onigiri_JP_Setup.exe Game Play: one story mode with various sub missions to grind for leveling up. As well as creating a party with other online users to help aiding your missions.

Quick Summary: Onigiri is set in an Ancient mythical japan where demos (called KamiKuri) where they bring despair and destruction with them. Your job is to get rid of them while being accompanied by an aid. As you go through each mission, you will meet CPUs that will help you out for missions. Not to mention meeting other online players that can join your party and aid you in completing missions. What are you waiting for, just join the Fun!!!!!!

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