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Pros Google: Google's algorithms help users find exactly what they are looking for. Consequently, it is widely accepted to have the most relevant results of all search engines. It is widely popular and the search engine of choice for users around the globe. It also has a very good search optimization, and can even turn back accurate results when the search phrase in misspelled or very uncommon, therefore giving it the all-around reputation of a very fast, efficient, and accurate search engine. Google is very focused on constantly improve by continually evolving its quality of search results. Google also benefits many websites, as search engine results often allow websites to gain more views which can increase their revenue.

Cons Google: One of Google's few flaws revolves around privacy. Many people are turned off by Google because they feel as though privacy is something not given by Google+. Another minor flaw is that some search results are not relevant due to Google displaying marketing and advertising, instead of the correct information.


Pros Bing: Some strengths of Bing is that is comes packed with search tools. Its also good for add-ons such as travel and local results. Another strength about bing is that it generates comprehensive and relevant images with endless scrolling.

Cons Bing: Bing also has a few weaknesses such as the fact that it is still relatively young (2009). Also, Bing tends to lag in search engine optimization with can cause visitors to stop using that search engine. Compared to other search engines, Bing is weak. Another weakness is that Bing’s blog can be sluggish and poor community experience.


Pros Ask: Receive answers for the questions searched, Supports mostly all questions and has a variety of ways that it can be asked. Website was known as one of the most useful research engines

Cons Ask: The ask toolbar is an unwanted program that people need to download which causes the individual to get hijacked. Another Con is a ten minute delay between updating java and installing the toolbar.

Wolfram Alpha

Pros Wolfram Alpha: Computational knowledge engine that answers queries directly based on curated data, capable of graphing and automatically solving mathematical and scientific input. Possesses a rudimentary AI that translates organically phrased queries into computational commands and arguments.

Cons Wolfram Alpha: Some features are locked behind paywalls, may not answer pop culture queries or other queries outside of its database


Pros InfoSpace: The results of the searches are narrowed down and give you the best relevant results. It is great for online entrepreneurs who are seeking partnerships. It has easy access and great for on-the-go use. It also has an efficiency for monetization. Consists of two directories: Brand search and mobile directory.

Cons InfoSpace: This search engine is specific to its audience. It is targeted it for online marketers and business. It is not recommended for your average user. It maybe complex to use for some users.


Pros Yahoo: Some of the many strengths that yahoo has consist of “the maximum number of users and most of revenue is generated through ads in yahoo mail”, it is considered “the powerful marketing company”, and “it’s product portfolio includes Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Personals, Yahoo 360, Delicious, Fickr, Yahoo Buzz, Yahoo Mobile, Yahoo Shopping, Yahoo Real Estate, Yahoo Next, Yahoo Boss, Yahoo Meme, Y! Connect” and many more.

Cons Yahoo: Some of their weaknesses consist of their “market share in search engine is only 6%”, they are “losing its market share in mailing services very gradually due to googles strong presence”, and the “financial health of the company is not so promising for the investors.” (marketing 91.com)


Pros Dogpile: There are various strengths that come into play when using Dogpile. Its extensive Search filters, Preferences and Category links makes at a successful and user friendly search Engine. Users also feel its a great resources based on the fact that it fetches results from other top search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Yandex.

Cons Dogpile: Unfortunately while Dogpile has many Strengths it lacks that fun entertaining theme and fun interface that several other Search engines have. Dogpile can also be very slow at very inconvenient times thus making it a site that doesn't have many users


The search engines that are used more widely spread around the world are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The search engines that aren't as mainstream are Ask, Dogpile, Infospace, and Wolfram Alpha. The main strengths of the commonly used search engines are that they each come with search tools and have an advanced utilization of finding broader findings of things searched. The uncommon search engines are only uncommon because technology today only relies on Google and Yahoo, but mainly Google.

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