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An online game is any digital game that is either partially or primarily played online with other player through a network, such as the Internet. Online games can come in many forms:

  1. First-person Shooter (FPS) - Generally a projectile weapon based-combat action video game in a first-person perspective. FPS games can be partially or fully online.
  2. Massively multiplayer online (MMO) - A general term for any video game that can support a large player population playing at once. Gameplay is dependent on the the game in question (strategy, role-playing, etc.), but most MMO's are open-world to some extent.


Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a 2003 first-shooter video game created by Infinity and published by Activision, and is the first of many installments in the Call of Duty franchise. The game creates a virtual reality of infantry and combined arms warfare of World War II using a modified version of the id Tech 3 engine built for Quake III. Call of duty theme and gameplay is corresponding to the Medal of Honor series, as well showcasing a viewpoints staged in the British, U.S., and Soviet theaters of World War II. Pros: 1- Graphics are very good and don't require a high-end card to play it smoothly. So you basically don't sacrifice much graphics for performance. 2- You can't be superior to anybody else by any way but skill. You can't abuse perks and you need to sacrifice some advantage for another one, including weapons, grenades, secondary’s. 3- Maps are well designed and you don't have too much space to hide and camp. I don't guess I hate a map in BO2. Cons: 1- Shotguns are very overpowered. They remind me of the Akimbo in MW3 and how overpowered it ridiculously was. 2- Kids. Kids everywhere whining, crying and hackings in chat and through VOIP. 3- The Bouncing betty mines are stupid. Out of 975 respondents, only eight awarded Call of Duty: Ghosts the highest score, while 388 other voters gave it a one out of ten. It was "just trash all around," one survey taker noted. The words "lag" and "boring" came up quite a bit, as did "dog." It shows how each new Call of Duty game has fewer people playing multiplayer than the last. Yes, Call of Duty: Ghosts did have 37,000 players online concurrently on release day, and that’s impressive, but the game before it, Black Ops II, had 64,000. Modern Warfare 3 before that had 86,000, and so on. Generally, I prefer more secure console when it comes to gaming, but of course everything has its’ flaws.

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

4 star rated online video game.This is the ultimate definitive Walking Dead role-playing game experience brought to you by Robert Kirkman, the creater of the Walking Dead comic. This is a thrilling yet adventurous game that flips between life and the un-dead. This game is based off of the new story by the Walking Dead writer, Jay Bonansinga, the dark aesthetic of this game reflects the uncompromising decisions you will need to make as you fight for survival. It has it's own online forum that can be viewed by fellow gamers.. feel free to check it out here: https://forum.scopely.com/forumdisplay.php?12-The-Walking-Dead-Road-to-Survival The games features: • Battle against fierce opponents and use your best strategy to survive • Headshot! Land critical hits and deal crippling blows to your enemies • Charge opponents with special melee and ranged attacks using deadly weapons like Michonne’s katana Collect & Recruit Survivors • Survivors from The Walking Dead comics join your team, including Michonne, Rick, Andrea and Glenn • Collect new party members, each with their own specialization • Join Lee and Clementine from Telltale’s hit The Walking Dead adventure game in a brand new journey

Upgrade Your Survivors • Customize your Survivors to increase their fighting power, weapons and skills • RPG progression makes your Survivors stronger as they cut down more walkers • Zombie hordes never rest - keep your team battle ready to survive Game Downfalls:

  • Not much advancement after a few weeks of playing
  • Too expensive (People have reviewed the game stating tokens cost too much)

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft (WoW) is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) developed by Blizzard Entertainment released in 2004 as a successor to the company’s gaming series, Warcraft. The game takes place in the fictional world from the Warcraft game series, Azeroth, as an open world for player to create and control virtual avatars in. It is subscribed to for a monthly fee in order for players to play, but a free trial can be used to test the game for new players.


Players begin by creating characters and choosing classes for those characters. There are various races to pick from, each with specific classes that can taken for that race. Once gameplay begins, the player is free to as they please inside the world, only limited by what actions are supported by the game engine. Progression in the game is based on the accumulation of experience points and promotion in numerical levels, as well the opportunity to acquire more powerful level/class-specific gear. Quests can be completed for various Non-Player Characters (NPC) in exchange for experience and occasionally new gear/gold. For higher level characters, dungeons of significant difficulty provide a challenge to groups for elite equipment and more experience. Miscellaneous skills such as blacksmithing and cooking allow for players to customize their character's abilities further. The in-game economy is based on gold coins obtained throughout the world, which can be spent at vendors. There are 2 major player environments:

  1. Player versus player (PvP) where players can battle each other in designated areas such as warzones or arenas.
  2. Player versus environment (PvE) where players face NPC adversaries and monsters, but are not allowed to damage one another except for in arenas.


World of Warcraft is generally considered the frontrunner for MMO's as millions of subscribers are consistently active each month. The player population peaked in October of 2010 with 12 million players subscribed. As of October 2015 there are 5.5 million subscribers. The game incorporates many aspects to attract a wide variety of players. Characters looking for a decent fight can compete in numerous arenas against fellow players and can quickly jump back into the action after death as dying in the game is not permanent and is easily rectified through resurrection. Quests and dungeons provide adventurers the chance to experience stories and interact with personable NPC's. Most gaming forums and reviews have ranked WoW within the top ten percent as it balances gameplay with atmosphere pretty well.


Official World of Warcraft website

Online Gaming Conclusion

Online gaming allows for someone to play video games with peers and friends without necessarily being in the same physical location. There are many types of games to choose from, so don't worry about whether you'll be able to find a game you and your friends can agree on. Odds are there's at least one online game that will work. If you are new to gaming online, do some research. Aspects such as player community and system architecture are important to consider since both will have to interacted with. Remember that the golden rule for gaming, online or not, is to have fun!


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