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Course Information

  • Course Title: Introduction to Computing - Honors
  • Meeting Time: 9:30 am to 10:45 am TR
  • Classroom: C-1125
  • Textbook: File: Connect Master - Investigating Technology by Tedmon/Wilhelm, 1st edition
  • Instructor: Dr. David Kerven (Email Dr. Kerven)

Wiki Reference Materials

Links to Student Wiki Pages

Course Assignments

Computer Build Project

Each project group will be building a computer according to specifications provided by a customer. The potential customers are Doctors Mancillas, Pennington, Timpte, and Etheridge. The project will be broken into stages, and your group will have the following set of deliverables at each stage:

StageDeliverableDue DatePercentage
Requirements GatheringRequirements MemoTBD15
Parts Research and SpecificationParts SpreadsheetTBD20
Build Development LogGroup Developed Wiki PageTBD35
Product & PresentationBuilt Computer, Oral Presentation with PPTTBD30

Each group will begin its Wiki development log using the page assigned below:

NEW Software Research Assignment

ITEC 1001 Home Page

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