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Test Objectives

Test 1 Objectives

Test 2 Objectives

Final Objectives

Possible Topics for Group Project

  • Topic should be agreed upon by all group members
  • Each team member is expected to conduct independent research to find out more about the topic (i.e. do not just pick a topic because one person in the group knows a lot about it)
    • Assistive technologies (Abraham, Kim, Scott)
    • Music technology (Malcolm, Katie B., Adam)
    • Computer animation (Roxanne, JR, Jaimie)
    • Computer forensics (Esther, Natalie, Stephanie)
    • Social networking (Dawn, Lesley, Katrina)
    • Smart clothes (Kelsey, Katie L., Jeremy)
    • IT and healthcare (Rhonda, Christina)
    • Technology and sports (Douglas, Viktor, David)
  • Schedule
    • Monday, November 30
  1. Assistive Technologies
  2. Technology and sports
  3. IT and healthcare
    • Wednesday, December 2
  1. Social networking
  2. Music technology
  3. Computer animation
  4. Computer forensics
  5. Smart clothes
  6. Windows 7
  • You can select a topic outside of this list with approval from the instructor

Please take these surveys

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Class List

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