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Project Log

In this log, your group will document its building of the computer for your customer. This is considered a living document until you complete your project build summary once the build is complete, tested, and delivered.

Build Completion Summary

To be written after product delivery. You may copy information and pictures from your diary and status entries to provide a summary of your computer build experience.

Current Status

Move the text here to an appropriately dated diary section before updating this section of the log. This entry should include a date, two to three sentences summarizing the current build status, and any notes to communicate to your fellow group members who may need to continue working when you are not available.

Project Diary

This section should include dated entries to provide detailed information on your build progress. The entries should be in reverse chronological order. You should make an entry whenever one or more of your group does anything with your work in progress or identifies additional information to communicate with your group. When appropriate, you should include photos and identify people involved in performing the work and making the diary entry. You should start your new entry by copying the Current Status information to indicate your starting status for this entry. Upon completing your new entry, you should update the Current Status.

October xx, 2017

October 21, 2017

In order to be able to create a parts spreadsheet with all the required parts, and their prices, the group needed to have a meeting with Mr. Cadena, the Director of Support Services of GGC. In this meeting, Mr. Cadena informed the group that the school had whole computers that were available for the use of this project, and helped in checking if the computer met all of the hardware requirements of the customer's computer. From this meeting, the group was able to take away the understanding that there was no need to go buying hardware parts due to the computer provided being able to fulfill the needs of the customer. With this, the group decided to move on and research the prices of the different DNA sequencing and protein modeling programs asked of the customer. Once all of the software research was done, the group found out that most of the software was free due to GGC licencing or because the program was open source. With this, it allowed the group to stay within the budget and meet (most of) the demands of the customer.

October 2, 2017

The first step in building the computer is to draft a memo and have the customer approve of its contents. The memo's purpose is to inform, and communicate, to the customer on the understood parameters of the computer and provide an outline of how the building process will happen. The memo was delivered to the customer via email, and the customer responded with approval. With that, the next step in the building process is to gather information on the kinds of hardware parts needed in building the physical aspect of the computer.

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